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About Our Services

We assist clients in four main ways: pain & injury resolution, emotional healing, sport performance enhancement, and spiritual growth. Whatever type of discomfort or blockages you are experiencing, our team of experts is here for you.

Pain & Injury Resolution. We treat a multitude of general conditions such as back & neck pain, TMJ, muscle weakness and imbalance, knee pain, and headaches. Additionally, we provide scar tissue treatment, pelvic assessment & correction, auto injury treatment, and much more. Whatever your specific complaint, we have advanced techniques that will help eliminate your pain. Our therapies are used in an integrated fashion to deliver maximum results as quickly as possible. Our therapists work with the understanding that the body only functions as a whole. As such, we work not only to eliminate reported pain or discomfort, but also to address key areas of need you may have not yet identified.

Emotional Healing. The physical and emotional health of a person are inseparable. Even conventional western medicine has come to appreciate the connection between emotional health and a host of physical issues such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Our experienced therapists use powerful techniques to help clients clear emotional traumas at the root of depression, weight issues, relationship problems, chronic illness, addiction, and more. Our clients engaged in this work report dramatic improvements in both their physical and emotional well-being.

Sport Performance Enhancement. The body of an athlete requires perfect physical health for peak sport performance. The number one detriment to an athlete is pain; if it is present in the body, performance will suffer significantly. Pain can come from a variety of sources: Repetitive stress or injury, acute strains, faulty movement patterns, poor tissue quality, joint disorders, or even very old physical and emotional traumas. Athletes require expert testing and assessment to pinpoint where performance is breaking down and make corrections, as well as a team of professionals to outline long-term recovery and prevention plans. Denver Pain & Performance Solutions uses Proprioceptive-Deep Tendom Reflex®, Active Release Techniques®, RockTape™, and an array of other assessment and restorative techniques to eliminate pain, optimize performance, and reduce the risk of future injury.

Spiritual Growth. Many clients come to us understanding that their sense of emotional and physical wellness goes hand-in-hand with their spiritual development. For those who perceive their life experience as a soul journey, healing work naturally includes the larger spiritual context. We regularly assist others in their exploration of spiritual matters and the connection between physical or emotional healing and spiritual evolution. This transpersonal work is non-denominational in nature, and we happily work with those of all traditions and belief systems.


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The DPPS Difference

Our mission is to eliminate pain, optimize performance, and support the physical and emotional wellness of clients through the integrated use of advanced motor control therapies, precise soft tissue work, movement re-education, corrective breathing, and coaching support.

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