EMF Over-Exposure

  Electromagnetic fields, or EMF, are everywhere.  We spend most of our days exposed to EMF from the phones we are so attached to, the cars we drive, the appliances in our homes, the planes we travel in, and even the outlets in our walls. We find EMF to be a trigger for neurological dysfunction in […]

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are one of the most common sources of pain for both competitive athletes and the general population. They are almost exclusively thought of in terms of soft tissue: a pitcher who strains an elbow ligament throwing too often, a runner who develops patellar tendinitis, or an office worker who gets carpal tunnel syndrome […]

Emotions as a Source of Physical Pain

  Pain is a decision made by the brain. This is a well-established but often difficult to comprehend fact. When we experience pain, we tend to think of the problem as there, in the location that is painful. But, for example, in a case of common pain like “runner’s knee,” there is often no problem […]

Ligaments as a Source of Pain and Suppressed Performance

Case of the Day – July 28th, 2015 Denver Pain and Performance Solutions clients — as our name implies — are evenly split into two broad categories: those who are seeking to eliminate acute or chronic pain and those who are have noticed mysterious declines in athletic performance. (In reality, these two groups coexist the […]