Remote Healing Work

Sometimes a client’s healing process will come to a sticking point, and there is difficulty making progress despite the best efforts on the part of the client and the therapist. This can happen with both traditional bodywork as well as with other forms of therapy, including psychotherapy. Additionally, there are times when direct hypnotherapy or bodywork with a client is simply not appropriate or even possible for a variety of reasons, including geography, physical limitations, age, etc. And often, people can often be so deeply affected by addiction, mental illness, or the severity of their trauma that they simply cannot be reached with more traditional approaches.

For cases such as these, DPPS therapists use a modality called Heart of Elijah Remote Work. When we do this type of work, two therapists team up and facilitate healing work at a distance for a client, either at their direct request, or at the request of a loved one. In these sessions, one therapist functions as a facilitator and the other as a surrogate for the client. The surrogate, in a trance state, connects energetically with both the client and with a higher consciousness known as the Heart of Elijah. In this way, we can understand what the causes of certain problems and conditions are, remove foreign energy that does not belong to the client, clear causal experiences related to the symptoms, help resolve painful feelings and destructive patterns, and clear deep, unhelpful beliefs that the client has about themselves, others, or the Universe. The facilitator, based on information gathered from the client or loved one, directs questions to the Heart of Elijah, and the surrogate communicates back answers about what needs to be accomplished and when each item has been resolved. All healing work accomplished during these sessions is done by this higher consciousness; the therapists are simply conduits for communication.

One of the most advantageous things about this kind of remote healing work is that the client is never negatively affected by the sessions. The client can continue engaging in normal, everyday activities as usual, although additional rest and self care can be needed as the healing integrates. Also, this type of healing work goes very deep, resolving issues at a soul level that the client may not even consciously be aware of, such as fundamental beliefs or patterns preventing them from accomplishing what they have incarnated to do. In essence, it can be a powerful tool for helping people identify and move more deeply into their soul mission on Earth.

Remote work is excellent for:

  • People who have been doing their own healing for some time and have stopped making progress in one or more areas
  • Children who are not able to understand
    or connect with deep material
  • Older people who cannot easily participate in bodywork or therapy due to illness or physical limitation
  • Anyone who is incapacitated and unable to engage in their healing process consciously
  • People with addictions or mental illness who are not stable enough to do their own direct healing
  • People who have committed suicide or died prior to accomplishing their soul agenda

Remote work is not appropriate when:

  • The individual is capable of doing his or her own healing work, but is unwilling or resistant to doing so
  • The requesting individual has an agenda, e.g. wanting their spouse, children, friends, etc. to be “fixed”
  • Someone is looking for a quick fix or to skip ahead in their healing process without having to do the necessary work

We have been doing this work for clients for over 3 years, and we have had many reports of astounding success. The success that we have found with this work, and the deep satisfaction that it provides, is our motivation to make this work more publicly available.

Some of the conditions and issues that have been successfully resolved with this work are:

  • Bed wetting in children
  • Nightmares in children
  • Temper tantrums and acting out in young children or teens
  • Sexual or physical abuse experiences
  • Deep causes for addictions to nicotine, alcohol, drugs, sex, and relationships
  • Suicidal thoughts and patterns of attempting suicide
  • Skin conditions, autoimmune conditions, and a variety of painful physical conditions and symptoms
  • Deep causes for having cancer in the life experience
  • Overwhelming and/or paralyzing feelings of shame, guilt, fear, self hatred, abandonment, etc.
  • Deep causes for severe depression and mental illness
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Deep limiting beliefs such as “I am broken” or “I am not good enough” and all the patterns of these beliefs manifesting in the life experience

We have decided that it’s time to offer this therapy directly to clients and their loved ones. Because the work involves two therapists and often requires follow-up sessions, the rate for this work is $240, the same as our direct Emotional Clearing work. When follow-up work on the same material is required (and it usually is), that work is done at no additional charge.

Heart of Elijah Remote work has been a truly life changing for us personally and for many of our clients, providing the experience of a great degree of healing in a short period of time. Clients receiving this work report very positive feedback about how their life experience has changed for them. If you are experiencing a stagnation in your own personal work, or if you have a loved one who may benefit from receiving remote work, please reach out to us and we can help determine if this work might be beneficial and appropriate.

For more information or to schedule remote work for yourself or a loved one, email