Selective Functional Movement Assessment®

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment® (SFMA) consists of seven full-body movement tests. The assessment provides a better idea of each person’s range and pattern of movement.

The SFMA shows how the body compensates for pain when performing musculoskeletal movements. Examples are the way a patient squats or bends. Results are placed into two patterns that identify the movement as: painful or non-painful, and functional or dysfunctional.

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The clinical assessment helps the clinician to observe, review, and identify movement pattern inconsistencies. Even unrelated impairments are capable of affecting the chief musculoskeletal complaint.

SFMA follows the concept of Regional Interdependence. The method encourages our therapists to acknowledge unrelated problems from anywhere in the anatomical region. Other impairments may contribute to or be the root cause of the patient’s main complaint.

A detailed assessment is completed for the most dysfunctional non-painful movement pattern. The approach supplements the musculoskeletal examination by showing how to mix in the concepts of:

  • Muscle balance.
  • Basic movement patterns.
  • Posture.

Targeted interventions use manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. Pain is minimized by working on the least painful, most dysfunctional pattern. Patients are motivated to participate in the exercise program, increasing the restoration of functional movement patterns.

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