Danny Weiland

Movement has been my medium for personal development, healing, and exploration into the human experience. It has allowed me to unlock energy pathways within myself that have accelerated the evolution of not just my physical capabilities, but more importantly my emotional and spiritual capabilities.

I spent my entire 20’s focusing solely on exploring different ways to explore my mind, body, and spirit on a deeper level though movement and outdoor recreation. Through the avenue of B.A.S.E. Jumping and my endeavors to find ways of training that would
allow me to stay alive and increase my performance in the sport, I developed a movement program called Corbing™: a core and balance intensive movement program that focuses on the interconnection of movement, cultivating deeper levels of physical and mental engagement, and doing so in a very fun, challenging, and playful manner.

The greatest growth comes from a variety of stimuli, so I also practice and teach various forms of Yoga, Strength Training, and meditation. I use the years of knowledge and expertise I’ve developed in all areas of training
and healing to help clients unlock their greatest potential physically, emotionally, and spiritually.