Doug Graham

doug-grahamDoug Graham is a Denver-based personal trainer whose clientele has included business magnates, professional and extreme sports athletes, television personalities, celebrities, and most importantly, an incredible array of wonderful individuals striving only to be their best version of themselves.

Doug’s reputation within the fitness industry is a testament to how much devotion and care he places into each and every client’s success. He believes personal training must always be based on the individual and designed to appropriately challenge the client with variability in the activities performed; it should never be boring or cookie-cutter programming.

Doug’s passion has driven him for 25 years within the fitness industry. Known widely for his personality, seemingly limitless levels of high energy, and sense of humor, his dedication to gathering and sharing information only amplifies the overall efficacy of training that his clients have come to love and appreciate in each and every session.

“When you spend everyday working with such a diverse client group, you have to be extremely comfortable and flexible with your training methods. There has never been a day that I have not had to change programming on a moment’s notice based on how the clients day is affecting their stress levels. Every session’s focus is on creating an exciting, innovative, and effective workout that the client can take into the rest of their days like the absolute rock stars they are. Creating better bodies, better energy, and better overall quality of lifestyle everyday… all day!”