Jen West

Jen WestBachelor of Arts
Certified Personal Trainer
Level 1 NeuroKinetic Therapy®
ViPR® Certified Trainer

Jen has been teaching group fitness since 2008 and personal training since 2013. Prior to pursuing a full-time career in fitness, she was working in the business development field. Eventually, she realized that she needed to turn he passion for health and fitness into a career. She has competed in many sports, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby, lacrosse, water polo, swimming, tennis, mountain biking, snowboarding, and most recently pole dancing. Jen is a certified personal trainer, ViPR certified, has 2 different dance certifications and has taken the Neurokinetic Therapy level one course, which was her introduction to functional neurology. Beyond helping clients meet their general health and fitness goals, she is passionate about helping people move better. “Not every exercise is for every body. I don’t believe in pushing a body into a position that will cause pain. Rather, I like to find ways for a person to function better in their body and learn something about their movement.”