All classes have a therapeutic base, designed to awaken the senses, calm the mind, create breath and bring awareness and space into the body. Carefully crafted sequences will allow for expansion of the Self, to develop the physical body, and deepen into meditation. Kendra is a manual and movement therapist that has adapted the classes in a way which incorporates her knowledge of anatomy, movement and nervous system to the practice of yoga. All classes welcome any level of experience. Special direction is given to understand the foundations of the poses, understanding how to meditate and realizing the potential of your breath.

Hatha – Chakra

Chakra classes are an excellent way to unwind, improve your flexibility and balance, strengthen your poses and sink deeper into your mediation practice. Hatha style yoga is of a slower pace, paying close attention to the details of poses and deepening into each pose with breath and meditation.

Sequence of the class will aid to balance the 7 main chakras of the body.

All levels welcome!

Vinyasa – Journey

Journey classes are a beautiful way to sync flowing movement with the breath. Vinyasa yoga develops endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, meditation and more!
Unique to the Journey classes, are different themes expressed during the practice. The themes, for example; surrender, empowerment, letting go, infinite love, etc. are meant to guide you, to awaken deep parts of you and to seek your truth.

All levels welcome!

Private and Semi-Private Yoga is also available and is tailored to individual goals, mental or physical.